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Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Ltd

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Ltd

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Why Prittworld Properties ?

Our capabilities on real estate financing, construction management property selling process in Kenya and the larger East-Africa region is unrivalled because of distinctive capabilities:

Professional and exposure in real estate market Our team is made of individuals who have schooled and worked both locally and internationally. Our networks in the region are deep and committed to the region. Our global markets experience enable us adapt world-class execution to the enormous local opportunities.
Innovative products and services Innovation is highly valued in our firm and we go to great lengths to expose our people to cutting edge knowledge to catalyze innovation
Efficiency & Effectiveness We are a one-stop shop and this therefore helps in ensuring we provide first-class services to all our customers without any biasness to the social class or the magnitude of the service delivery;
Quality service orientation Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is geared towards quality service delivery which is our common goal;
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