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Nyumba Plus Housing - Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Ltd

Nyumba Plus Housing

Nyumba Plus® is a product targeting the investors or developers putting up development for sale or for investment purposes where the goal is to maximize investment returns.

The product is eligible for any investor wishing to put up more than one unit for investment purposes.

The salient features of this product are:

1: Feasibility study & advisory services: We advise our clients on the best housing features to include in a specific housing development depending on the target market and in line with the modern market requirements. We understand the housing market well which is a benefit to our clients.

2: Design works & approvals: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is a one stop shop whereby we commence the project from the concept formulation stage all through to marketing if “for sale” or property management if “for rentals”.

3: Finance arrangement: For all the projects which we undertake, we are always involved in finance arrangement. Through this, we are able to negotiate a suitable financing package which will be ideal to the client’s financial arrangements and ability.

4: Quality workmanship: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals who will be very instrumental in ensuring your project meets its intended objective.

5: Vibrant marketing platform: Our marketing department is 24/7 a week. Through this we are able to develop your property whilst we are selling. This helps in leveraging the capital requirement or debt financing;

6: Cheaper overall cost of construction: We have entered into contractual arrangement with various providers of materials especially finishing materials. This helps us to reduce the overall project cost which translates to an extra income to the developer/investor.

7: Environmental Impact Assessment & Audits:We provide EIA studies & advisory guidance on all developments which we are undertaking. All our projects have to adhere to the Environmental & Social Policy in natural conservancy.

Who is eligible for the Nyumba Plus® product?

Commercial developments: This includes developments such as Shopping Malls or office blocks for rental or for sale;

Residential developments: This includes gated communities of apartments, bungalows or Massionettes for sale or for rental;

Hostel development: Studio apartments or hostel developments;

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