Our Services


Since when we have opened our doors in June 2013, Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has helped developers, investors and other stakeholders in real estate sector realise their investment goals.

1) Finance arrangement services;

We have arranged mortgage and construction financing to over 100 customers. This is through our well co-ordinated and structured approach with the commercial banks whom we have partnered with.

Our financing arrangements have no limit. We do arrange financing from Kshs.1 million to no maximum.

This consists of:
• Construction financing;
• Mortgage financing;
• Equity release;

2) Project Management
Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is one of the best project managers in Kenya and beyond. The principal Director,Mr. Daniel Maina has been involved in structuring & supervising big and complex real estate projects and developments in Kenya and in various countries in Africa.

Our project management scope includes
Feasibility study (market intelligence surveys);

Finance sourcing (construction financing, equity release or Joint Ventures);

Construction management & supervision;

3) Real estate & investment advisory services
Prittworld properties & Mortgages Limited provides real estate investment & advisory services to Companies, Saccos, chamas and Government Parastatals among others.
Our training is on the following:
• Financial planning & budgeting;
• Appraisal methods on real estate projects;
• Project’s risk analysis & mitigations;
• Mortgage financing, requirements & conditions;

4) Online Hardware
From the market research, most developers would like to compare the price & quality of the finish wares before making the buying decisions, however, there is no platform apart from Jumia which provides such platform.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is introducing such online hardware where buyers will be choosing materials online and pay online for delivery to be done within 24 hours.

The transportation logistics will be made in such a way that the consignment is fully insured and well-sealed during transportation.

Only the following materials will be sold through the online hardware platform:
• Roofing materials;
• Tiles;
• Doors;
• Curtain rails & rods;
• Security systems & CCTVs;

5) Sales & Marketing
PPML is registered by the Estate Agency Registration Board to offer marketing & mortgage brokerage services.

There exists a very great drift between the developers and the proposed buyers for the real estate market in Kenya. Most developers have very scanty idea on how they can penetrated and get a big market audience to warrant sell off their products in the market.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has come up with proposals which will create a rich market audience in trying to reduce the gap between the buyers and the sellers.