Nyumba Smart

This is a construction product targeting those individuals wishing to develop their own homes for own occupation.

Due to the nature of the Kenya’s job market, most Kenyans after having bought plots to develop, they do lack time to develop their dream homes due to lack of time to concentrate since most jobs in Kenya start from 8am-5pm.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has positioned itself to provide a TURNKEY solution to this target market.

Under Nyumba Smart, we shall provide the following as a package:
• Drawings & designs customised to meet the taste and preference of the home owner;
• Finance negotiations of part of the construction costs will be met through debt financing;
• Construction until completion & handover;

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited will offer the following services under Nyumba Smart product:

a) Turnkey solution to individuals with plots looking forward to owning their dream homes;
b) Repairs & refurbishment to homes (Flooring, painting etc);
c) Landscaping & interior designing;

Get the following services in a click of a button:
• Customized architectural & structural drawings;
• Bills of Quantities;
• Supply of materials, select from our online hardware;
• Repairs & refurbishment;
• General building & construction works;

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