Nyumba Plus


This product targets real estate developers/chamas/welfare groups/corporates wishing to develop real estate project for commercial (rental) or for sale. To ensure and guarantee the developer, maximum return on investment, we shall offer the following services as a package:

What falls under Nyumba plus category?
• For sale developments;
• For rental projects;
• Hospitals;
• Schools;
• Hotels etc;

Any project where the development’s objective is for economic gain falls under the Nyumba Plus category.

The service package:
This is what will be offered under the Nyumba Plus to ensure the developer is guaranteed for return on investment and the project’s objectives have been aligned with the market:

• Feasibility study & documentations;
• Designs aligned to the outcome of the feasibility study;
• Finance arrangement (construction financing);
• Construction management;
• Marketing management (if for sale);
• Mortgage financing to the would-be buyers;

With all those project activities being co-ordinated from one office, it will make the project to be completed within the set timelines with all possible risks mitigated.

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