Financing (Construction & Mortgage financing)

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is one of its kind when it comes to project financing & mortgage financing.

There are 3 types of financing:

  • Construction mortgage: This is for those individuals looking towards being financed to construct their individual dwelling home;
  • Mortgage financing: This is the financing to enable and individual or corporate purchase a home either an apartment or any development being residential or commercial;
  • Project financing: It is the financing structured to finance a real estate development either for sale or for rental;

Our role in finance arrangements:

  • Structuring the financial request;
  • Negotiating with our member banks on the loan terms & the loan amount;
  • Managing the post-approval process;

Required documentation for financial analysis:

The following is the list of the required documents when arranging financing:

  • 12 months bank statements;
  • 12 months M-Pesa statements;
  • Pin & ID copes for the borrower;
  • CRB report for the borrower/applicant;
  • Copy of the title deed;
  • Approved plans & BQ if it is a construction financing;

Why use us for your financing arrangement:

  • Finance packaging: We package the financial request with a manner to ensure 100% financial success;
  • Turnaround time: Our turn-around time from the point of application to approval is very small;
  • Funding proposal: We are professionals in structuring the funding proposal including the cashflow models;
  • Joint Ventures: We are also involved in Joint Venture structuring on unit sharing ratios;

Mr. Daniel Maina, the founder for Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is a real estate financing expert having worked with financing institutions in Kenya and outside Kenya. He has structured real estate projects in East, West and Southern African countries;