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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited carry out property development for small land owners/plot holders?

Yes. Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has a special product specifically for plot owners wishing to undertake home development for own living. We start by analyzing your financial capacity if the financing will be through bank mortgage but for the self financing, we don't necessarily have to analyze the financial capacity.

The initial point of engagement is with our mortgage analysts who will evaluate your financial capacity and then recommend the amount of loan which you can qualify. Then after the recommendations, your file is transferred to our technical experts consisting of architects, Quantity Surveyors and Engineers who will design your house depending on your development objectives namely the location, future investment goals, family size and the expected security levels.

We have put in our in-house design gallery a variety of home designs for the floor, walls, finishing and on the landscaped gardens for our clients to choose from. This enables customization of the housing product as per the owner's tastes and preference.

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What are the benefits which will accrue to me as land owner by using Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited as my development consultant and financing brokerage firm?

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is made up of professionals from all the fields of real estate. The Managing Director has previously worked with National Bank of Kenya as Credit Officer and Shelter Afrique, a Pan African Development Financing Institution (DFI) as Investment & Projects Officer before founding Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited.

In Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited, we derive our satisfaction when the investor is satisfied. We listen and advise and make you an ambassador of our great work.

The various benefits which will accrue to you by partnering with PPML in your proposed development are summarized as follows:

1. For own living developments:

Û Informed financial advice:-It is now easy to know your mortgage capacity and thus tailor-making a housing development which suits your financial capacity and therefore giving you financial freedom from being a tenant to your own landlord.

Û Easy & tireless documentation process:-Our documentation process is easy. Also, our mortgage team will be happy and willing to take you through the documentation process and to make the necessary clarifications where necessary.

Û Customized project design & finishes: At PPM&L, we have a design gallery containing the various contemporary house finishes to give your house the much needed glamour and splendor. We believe a home is supposed to be your small haven and a place to unwind and relax after your busy day; that is why at PPM&L, we don't provide a house but comfort and relaxation.

Û We own up the delivery process: Our delivery mode is a turn-key model whereby we carry out the whole process from the designing, seeking approval for your drawings & designs on your behalf, negotiating for a suitable mortgage from our preferred banks, carrying out project management and updating you on the progress until when the project is complete then we give you the keys to the doors of your new palace.

2. For projects for sale & for housing Saccos

We carry out feasibility studies, financial negotiations, mortgage finance brokerage, project management and marketing activities for housing projects either for sale or for members' occupations incase of housing Saccos.

At PPML, customer satisfaction is our passion and therefore, our objective is always to recommend at the feasibility study a housing development which is pleasant to the target market giving a value for the investment and at the same time giving a positive return on investment (ROI) to the developer. That however cannot be achieved without having the most fulfilling concept which will meet the needs and preference of the buyer (target market) because it is only after meeting the needs of the buyer that the housing development will shift the demand upwards and hence accelerate sales and eventually yield a positive ROI. However, this is analysed at the feasibility study.

At PPM&L, we have competent team of investment analysts and marketers who will carry out for you a comprehensive feasibility study.

Our feasibility study helps to answer the following questions to the developer, buyer, financing bank and to any other stakeholder(s):

Ø The proposed selling price;

Ø The return on investment (ROI) using investment acceptance criteria-NPV and IRR;

Ø The social amenities within the location likely to influence the demand;

Ø The ancillary features which if included/factored into the development will have a positive impact to the target market and influence the sales;

Ø The marketing strategies which will be suitable for the proposed development;

Ø The various risks inherent to your proposed development and the mitigants in place to ensure the risks do not crystallize so as to minimize on the possible losses;

Ø Comparative analysis/peer review and recommendations;

Ø Value addition proposition;

Ø Why the financier and/or the buyer should invest in the subject development/project;

After the outcome of the feasibility study, we then works closely with the project's architect and discuss on the most suitable designs.

We then advise the developer on the other approvals and compliance requirements need before seeking the funding. Upon the successful approval of the project, we sign a finance mobilization agreement with the developer to source for the suitable financing.

For finance sourcing, we carry out the following on behalf of the developer after signing the contractual agreement:

Ø Documenting the funding proposal;

Ø Cashflow modeling;

Ø Financing plan determination-This helps in understanding the optimum funding which will successfully complete your development without risks of project stalling due to inadequate funding;

Ø Budget simulation-This shows how the various project costs will be financed.

Ø The recommended collateral security to be pledge to the financing bank;

Ø The reporting framework to both the developer and the financing bank by PPML during the project implementation period-Project Management;

We have also in place a Project Management department which its main goal is to ensure your project is well managed on both construction delivery and marketing and that it meets its goals interms of quality, timely delivery and cost management.

Our competent marketing team is always hands on to ensure the marketing function is real time. To address to the diaspora market, our marketing department is in the process of being live 24/7.

Our marketing slogan:

Marketing and construction should run concurrently

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Can I earn extra commission by marketing PPML?

Yes. You can register to do business with PPML by filling the "Membership application form" detailing your commission and other benefits.

Apart from the commission earned, we conduct training to harness on your financial and investing skills.

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What is a fixed and variable mortgage rate and what are the characteristics for each?

Fixed mortgage rate

As the name suggests, a fixed rate mortgage has an interest rate that is fixed for an initial term - say 2, 5 or even 10 years. This means your monthly mortgage payment will remain the same over the period, giving you certainty and allowing you to budget for a major item of expenditure. At the end of the fixed rate period, the mortgage usually transfers to the lender's variable rate.

Variable Mortgage rate

 A Standard Variable Rate is (rather obviously) a type of variable rate - this means your payments can go up or down according to movements in interest rates.

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What do you charge for your products and services?

We have different products and services in our products and services basket and it only depends with your product preference.

Kindly visit our offices for further information and product guidance. Alternatively, we would be grateful if you can drop us an e-mail through or give us a call through the numbers displayed on our website.

Our products and services include:

  • Mortgage brokerage;
  • Construction finance arranging;
  • House design & building-Own living construction;
  • Project Management
  • Property marketing & selling;
  • Financial advisory services-Housing Saccos & For Sale housing developments;
  • Feasibility study & documentation;
  • Publications;
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Do I need to book an appointment to meet your professionals for real estate investment guidance?

No. You do not need to book an appointment. Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has an open door policy for every member of staff.

We believe in an open and synergetic relationship between our customers and staff. We are open to any complains, ideas or any kind of feedback.

Our mission is to b your preferred partner in your real estate development. Therefore be proud to be our partner. You are welcome to visit us anytime you have a query or even to view any other designs in our gallery.

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Suppose I have a running mortgage and I would wish to be re-financed, is it possible with PPML?

Yes. We can arrange for a suitable mortgage refinancing with our preferred and reputable financial institutions which we have a long credit history with. However, the re-financing is only feasible where our arrangement commission plus the new loan repayment is lower than the existing loan repayment with your bank. This is because our intention in refinancing is to arrange your cashflow and make your loan repayment less strenuous.

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How long does it take from the time of signing the initial engagement contract to the time my house is complete for occupation?

The process takes about 4-5 months depending on the timelag during the approval of the drawings and the size & complexity of the project. The duration is justifiable because of the following:

The contractor mobilization process starts immediately we have confirmed the availability of funds from the financing bank. This therefore ensures that we don't delay waiting for the perfection of securities.

We do a turn-key development. Besides the construction of the housing structure, we have to ensure the finishing are as per your specifications and the landscaped garden aligns with your splendid dreams.

We always ensure that you get the optimum value for your investment.

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Can I get mortgage services from you to purchase a fully complete housing unit?

Yes. At Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited, we provide mortgage finance brokerage services to purchase an already complete housing unit.

To process mortgage financing, we require the following information/details from the customer:

Ø Duly signed sales agreement

Ø Copy of the title deed;

Ø Copies of 3-months consecutive payslips (for salaried customers);

Ø 6- Months bank statements (Business customers);

Ø PIN Certificate (Copy);

Ø National Identity Card (copy);

Ø Mortgage financing application form (download from the website);

Kindly note that for salaried customers who will pay through check-off, the application form has to be signed and stamped by the Human Resources officer or any other senior personnel in your Human Resources Department or the Managing Director.

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What are the other charges which are incurred when purchasing a house?

The following are additional charges payable when purchasing an already completed house or a land property in Kenya. The charges are subject to changes from time to time.



Who pays

Stamp duty charges

4% of the purchase price


Legal fees/conveyance fees

1.5% of the purchase price


Agent's commission

2% of the purchase price


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What is the mortgage servicing period which you offer?

The mortgage servicing period ranges between 15-25 years however, the servicing period is also dependent on the following factors.

Age : For Salaried customers, the number of years to retirement is a great requirement when considering the eligibility quotient for mortgage financing. According to the Retirement Benefit Act, it is unethical to consider the age above 60 years when accessing the eligibility.

The disposable income : This is the free cashflow which is to be committed for the servicing of both the interest and principal payments. Also, it is unethical to commit more than two-thirds of the monthly pay on financial obligations.

The employment terms: As a security enhancement condition, unless where the loan is serviced from other sources, the repayment is pegged on the contract period. This is because of the unexpected uncertainties suppose the financial situation of the buyer falls down during the period after the expiry of the contract.

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Do you market housing developments for clients?

Yes. We do carry out marketing for already completed houses. We have a fully fledge d marketing department and also an interactive social media with a capacity of reaching a big mass within a short period. In addition to that, we have a database of people looking for houses to buy. What we usually do, we send to them the proposal and then commence detailed discussions with the interested parties.

For terms and conditions of our marketing engagements, kindly call our marketing department through the telephone numbers in our website or blog.

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What is the procedure suppose I would like to purchase a housing development currently on offer from PPML?

For projects on offer, we do post them on our project gallery which is linked to our blog. If interested in any particular project, you are required to visit our offices where we are going to give you more insights including the selling price and the discounts on offer. Then after the negotiations and selecting your preferred housing unit (which in most cases is after site visit), then you are required to sign the offer letter.

The sales agreement is mostly signed after paying the initial deposit which is then followed by the remaining balance depending with how we are going to agree with an individual buyer.

In the event that the customer would wish for us to carry mortgage financing, then the he/she is referred to the mortgage department for processing which the process usually commences after paying commitment fee which is a percentage of the brokerage commission payable for mortgage financing arrangement.

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