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About Us - Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Ltd

About Us

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is a real estate boutique offering contemporary services in real estate functions namely Feasibility Study, Investment advisory services, Project Financing, Mortgage services, Project Management and Property Sales & Marketing functions.Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited was formed out of the need to streamline the housing sector and to bring about the much-needed innovation in the industry to enable the plot owners and developers realize their investment goals and have also for individuals to have a roof over their heads.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is a one-stop shop whereby we start with the developer/customer from the concept initiation stage all through to the end of construction and move on with property selling in case of for-sale housing investments.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has gained competence in the industry. It has structured complex deals in size and project costs both in Kenya and in East Africa. The team is also competent and has vast knowledge and experience in the industry.


Our vision is to be the most innovative and efficient property development and mortgage Brokerage Company in Kenya and in East Africa.

Our range of investment deals includes:

  •     Home construction (Nyumba Smart) - This is a turnkey concept from Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited;
  •     Gated housing projects: Saccos, Chamas & Private developers deal with us. We also start the development from the concept formulation stage all through the process to the   post-implementation stage. We offer a tailor-based product which meets the needs and preference of the end users. The product is detailed in the product section as “Nyumba Plus”
  •     Shopping Malls: The range of services includes Feasibility studies, Concept documentation & formulation, designing, negotiating with anchor tenants, Finance arrangements and Project Management.And many more.


Our slogan:

To make your investment dreams a reality.


                                                                WHO WE ARE                                      

Prittworld Properties and Mortgages Limited is a one-stop shop offering contemporary services in real estate development and management.

Prittworld Properties and Mortgages Limited is guided by 3 pillars in its discharge of its mandate. This


  •  Transparency;
  •  Accountability;
  •  Management;

Prittworld Properties and Management Limited was started in June 2013 and over the years, it has earned itself a brand in real estate development, concept designing  and development consultancy, home construction, project management and also in property management.

We are the best company in project structuring, mortgage and construction financing arrangement/brokerage in Kenya and in East Africa.

Our experience in project finance structuring has earned for us a successful story and a brand in real estate sector. Over the years, we have perfected the art of structuring mortgage transaction for those customers wishing to develop their own occupier housing unit or those wishing to buy an already constructed house or home.

On the construction value chain, we provide the full supply chain cycle from the concept design stage all through to construction and project management until the house is ready for occupation.

Our marketing subsidiary –PRITTGUIDE is very instrumental in property selling and marketing as well as conducting the property promotional services.

Our Vision

To be the premier development consultancy, project management, estate management and mortgage brokerage company in Africa.

Our Mission

To provide market-oriented and quality project management, development consultancy, property management and mortgage financing services to the investors in the real estate industry with an aim of stimulating and realising the social-economic benefits through a harnessed investment value.

Core Values

At Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited, we believe in providing technical and financially innovative solutions earmarked at making the investment dreams in real estate a reality.



To ensure efficiency in our operations and quality in meeting the clients, the company is divided into various interactive departments as follows:

  • 1) Business Development & Operations Department

The functions of the department include:

  • Developing tailor-made housing products. Currently, PPML has developed two main housing construction products namely “Nyumba Smart” and “Nyumba Plus” products. Through this, we believe we are the best company in offering customised housing solutions in the market.
  • Financing arrangements: We arrange for both housing mortgages and developer financing loans. The department has put in place, a competent team of both Investment and Mortgage analysts.
  • Investment advisory services: We advise you on the most suitable features which will increase on the attractiveness of your housing product.

2) Technical Designing & Structuring Department

The functions of the department include:

  • Project architectural & Structural designing: Our studio contains a variety of housing designs & layout and finishing for our customer to choose from. We make customized drawings which meets the client’s needs & preference.
  • Approval process for the drawings & EIA impact assessment;
  • Cost formulation & advisory services;

3) Quality Assurance & Project Management Department

Our Quality Assurance & Project Management functions governed by the following policies:

  • Occupancy, Safety and Health (OSHA) policies
  • Compliance policies
  • Funds & Disbursement policies;
  • Procurement policies;

The above policies enable Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited in the discharge of its mandate as the premier property development & Mortgage Company in Kenya and in East Africa.

4) roperty Marketing Department

The marketing department is always on a 24/7 days.

The marketing department is vibrant with the state-of-the art Database and Communication software which enables our marketing function to be efficient.

The functions of the department include:

  • Market placement of the “for sale” housing projects;
  • Processing the offer letters for the booked housing units;
  • Carrying out the advertisement process for the “for sale” housing units;
  • Providing independent opinion on the marketability and the selling price range for a particular project;
  • Managing marketing budget;
  • Formulating the most suitable marketing strategies for a particular property;

5) Finance & Administration Department

The Finance & Administration department is responsible for the following:

  • Keeping proper accounting documents for the payables to the contractor and the external consultants;
  • Remittances to KRA for the Withholding Tax, PAYE & VAT;
  • Compliance audits;
  • Custodian of the IFRS controls;
  • Renewal of the insurances;
  • Revising of the compensation schemes;
  • Custodian of the company registers;

6) Property Management Department

We deal with all aspects of property management namely:

  • Security;
  • Letting;
  • Facilities Management;
  • Landscaping & Interior design
  • Etc;
  •                                                                      UNIQUENESS                           
  • 1) Integrated services: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is a boutique firm designed to provide end-to-end financial and technical solutions to home seekers and developers. Most home seekers with land parcels do not know where to seek technical and financial advisors on the best housing solution which fits their levels of income and family size.

    Furthermore, most of the potential developers with vast land banks don’t know how they can package their documentation in readiness for financing. This in itself poses a major challenge to the type of the housing units provided in a particular area and in most cases there arises challenges whereby the proposed development fails to rhyme with a particular location either due to location mismatch or suitability failure.

    Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is therefore strategically positioned to bridge the existing product gap whereby the real estate investors have to seek for more than 1 institution in search for services. This will be resolved by bring the financial and technical solution into 1 basket. This will therefore make Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited a one-stop shop for real estate investors and home seekers.

    2) Solid corporate Governance: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited intends to bring on board professionals from the various sectors adding value to the property sector. This will form its Board of directors who will be the Non-executive directors of the company apart from the Managing Director, Marketing Director and the technical directors who will be executive directors.

    The Board of directors will be involved in drafting clear strategic directions for the company. This will be through drafting investment strategies and supervising on the mode of operations of the company.

    3) Strong understanding of the Return on Investment: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is steered by professionals with in-depth understanding on how to maximize the return on investment. Our goal will therefore be to negotiate on the best and ideal project suitable for a particular area and then advise the developer on the best financing plan which will guarantee to complete the investment.

    4) Negotiation skills: Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has an investment wing made up of professionals with strong background in investment and project finance. This will be instrumental in advising the clients on the suitable financing model which will be cost effective and adequate enough to complete the project.


                                                                         OUR TEAM                                

  • Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited has a team of dedicated investment & technical professionals. The team is competent and has vast experience in the housing industry.

    The team is headed by the Managing Director assisted by a team of Directors who heads the various departments.

    The Managing Director has a wealthy experience in Project Financing & Project Management having worked with Commercial Banks in Kenya before moving to Development Finance Institution (DFI) where he moved the professional ladders to the position of Senior Investment Officer before joining Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited.

    Daniel has successfully structured complex housing projects both in Kenya and in various African countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. He is also widely travelled but most important he is financially innovative, a skill which has made him passionate in his new endeavor of unlocking and making it a reality of investment dreams in the real estate.

    With a team of dedicated professionals, you can have time to relax as you leave the work to the professionals.


    •                                                     WHY US                            

      1) Experienced staff : Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited is made up of experienced staff in mortgage analysis, investments, marketing and construction management. This makes PPML the premier financial brokerage and property development company in East Africa.

      2) Easy Mortgages : PPML works with a team of its prequalified commercial banks and DFIs who have been in the industry for a considerable period and who has in-depth knowledge on the industrial dynamics. This removes the financial exploitation from inexperienced institutions.

      3) Customised designs : PPML has in its team of experts, a competent team of technical, marketing and financial consultant who works together to ensure that your development objective is met. At PPML, our passion is to make your investment dreams a reality.

      4) Real estate advisory services: A home is a haven and a custodian of comfort and relaxation. It should be cozy and well designed to bring happiness and warmth to the family. The designs, structure and the landscaped gardens should always rhyme with your dreams. At PPM&L, we have a project gallery whereby you will choose your designs, colours and finishes so that your investment dream is realized. Besides that, our mortgage analysts or investment team will advise you on your financial capacity and the ideal mortgage amount which will not leave you constrained but which will make you a landlord by owning your own home.

      5) Timely delivery of our promise: At PPML, customer delivery is our passion. We strive hard to ensure we keep our promise on the agreed quality, cost and the delivery period.

      6) Co-ordinated teamwork: PPML is not a bank by your preferred partner in your real estate development. In this, we are not there to tell you "it is not possible" but to make the "impossible" to be "possible". We listen and make an innovative real estate solution. That is why PPML partners with all the real estate investors from the plot owners intending to development their own homes to land owners with large tracts of land wishing to develop houses for sale or for allocation to members incase of a housing investment Sacco.

      Open end system: PPML has an open end system whereby we always interact with our customers and stakeholders through our social media platforms. Through this, we have managed to collect feedbacks which have made our innovative skills more revamped. We are in the process of installing a 24/7 marketing software which will make our marketing department to be live 24 hours,7 days a week to enable tap the diaspora market. This makes PPML to be the premier marketing agency of your choice.

      7) Solid Corporate Governance : PPML has solid corporate governance which is involved in crafting and monitoring the strategic directions of the company. The corporate governance is separate from the management team and this ensures that the company is well governed and has put in place polices and structures to guide it against bad practices and ethics.

      8) Knowledge in real estate project structuring, financing & project management : The Kenyan property market has witnessed insurgent real estate developments in both residential and commercial properties over the recent periods. Most of these developments have been crafted by developers and sponsors with an aim of realizing the value of investment but due to lack of insightful and deep knowledge in the real estate management and sectarian behavioral dynamics, both the developer and sponsor (financier) fails to realize back their initial investment outlay rest alone earning an extra shilling on their investment. It is against this backdrop that a group of young professionals who have worked with the international Development Financing Institutions came together with an idea to facilitate the stakeholders in the real estate sector make viable real estate decisions geared towards realizing their investment opportunities.

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•   Orchid Gardens Apartments Project in Kitengela


•   Top 40 under 40 men category nominations,2015

•   PPML has been nominated as the best company in real estate Projects’ financial structuring.

•    PPML has recently successfully launched a fully packaged construction product dubbed “Nyumba Smart” for individuals wishing to construct own homes.

•   Karen Hilltop Gardens Ground breaking Ceremony.

•    Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited opens a diaspora office.



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