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Our eyes are made to fall in love with anything beautiful they see. If things capture our eyes, they tend to get into our hearts in most cases, and in return this makes us want to go after them. Men I know you understand my statement best. Today, I will take you through some of the measures you can take to make sure you increase the value of the land you intend to auction

First is by improving its appeal.

This consists of: removing junk and garbage, clearing overgrown shrubs, pruning trees, pull weeds, clear brush, remove environmental hazards such as unused wells or chemicals and most importantly add a fence around the perimeter of the property

Second, is by improving access.

For most properties for sale in Kenya, the main challenge the developers find is access. If you want to sell your land at a good price and fast, make sure there is a road that makes it accessible. Failure to which the value will decrease and also it will take you a longer period to sell.

Third is by adding utilities

By utilities I mean you can connect the property with water pipes, electricity, a septic and even a drainage which is one of the most important things that some lands need. Drainage will make sure that water does not flood on a land. This might be a little bit costly for you, but be sure it will add about 20% value to your land.

The fourth way is by planting trees

Trees which are well positioned add beauty to a land. They can be used for aesthetic value. Make certain that when you plant those trees, their location doesn’t hinder any scenic views that your property gives. Also remember that these trees are a source of timber and the value of timber continues to rise by the day.

With this, I am now sure you know what to do to make sure that your property does fetch better prices in the market.

Written by Mwai Anthony

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